5 May 2012



I get jealous at the smallest thing
I get mad at the simplest thing
I get bored super fast
I get annoyed easily
I think negatively so much
I forgive people that shouldn't be forgiven
I care too much
I dislike a lot of thing
Sometimes everything just bother me
When I fall for someone,I fall hard 

hell yeah.that's me :)
if you don't like me i can't do anything
I dont live to please everybody because at the end that make me sick 

with love,

31 December 2011

♥ LAST DAY 2011 ♥

Here’s to 2011:
The year where friends became strangers and strangers became friends.
Where lovers became haters and haters became lovers.
The year where mistakes were made and lessons were learnt.
Where stories were shared and memories were created.
Where people hit rock bottom and where people raised back up.

Here’s to 2011:
the drama, the fights, the memories, the laughter, the tears, and the craziness. Bring on 2012!

*When some things go wrong, take a moment & be thankful for the many more things that are still going right. Alhamdulillah! 

to TOT TOT :)
-->>> thanks for being my friend and make my life more meaningful :)

hope 2012 brings more than that and we can change to a better person :AMIIIN:

27 December 2011


There are many times in life when we badly want something or someone that we will probably never have, whether the fault lie on us, another person, or the circumstances surrounding it. Sometimes letting go of something is a very hard thing to do, especially if we never really got a chance to do things the way we wanted, because we think the situation might be different if we had the opportunity to try.

We just have to accept life for what it is, things do not and will not always happen the way we want them to, and chances are there are greater opportunities for us in our future. It is easy to miss out on new opportunities if we are still letting something or someone hold us back that we may have hoped to have a chance with but never got. Cut your losses knowing that if a situation or relationship didn't happen like you wanted it to there is always something better out there for you.

my life ain't a fairytale :)

13 November 2011


Assalamualaikum :)

My holiday is about to end so as usual im doing so-called reunion. So as planned we all the NAIMIANZ gathered at the most famous mall in Kelantan, KBMALL or nama gedikssnye BBMALL.

Tepat jam 11.41 pagi sampai la aku setelah setengah jam,teksi gerak macam siput babi je*oopsss terkasar* sebab jam.Sesampainye aku kat sana macam biasa aku lepak toilet 5 minit betulkan mana yang patut and yang pling penting I NEED TO PEE!! setengah jam kot tgguuu..urine bladder ak bagai nak pecah nyahhhh :(

Then menunggu ketibaan yang laen kitaorang pun lepak la kt noodle station.  The rest lets the picture tell you evrything *gila pemalas tapi nak update jugak*

sesi memilih makanan ^_^

Then after melahap sepinggan tomyam fried rice and segelas kecik-toet i.l.y lemonade(sharenganmirah). kitaorang pun pusing-pusing la mall tu.

meet all the gojes girl of mine :)

friends can never be replace


(: friends are born not made :)

I'm nothing without my friends

what should i say more?^_^

after penat meronda kami makan lagi ^__^

Dalam pukul 5 lebey kitaorg pun berpisah.sedih giler.Its hard for us to gathered like that again sebab masing-masing ada komitmen kan?I do miss and will miss all of you.T______T

And now 2.32 a.m I miss all my friends esp GBS.geng2 5UH 2010.NH.SZ.FS.I can't face this miserable world without them.

But thank God i found that some of my friends change to a better person.Im glad to know that and respect them a lot.Be a real muslimah pun awesome ape?Im not good enough for them but Im trying my best to be there for you when you need me babe*tiba tiba touching* :D

To all my friends what i can say is :


and one more to YOU:cepatla balik kangen seh ^___^

thats all for now BYE BYE :)

17 October 2011

♥ new blogger ♥


HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.i cant believe this...me?involve in this kind of things.sila gelak kuat2.i terliur la u ollssss..u olss sume ley ckp2.luah2.mengadu.i pon nk jugak.malunye rase (sambilggittepibaju)

now it's 4.00 a.m.i can't sleep.esk msti bangun lmbat lg tapi hade ak kesah?ngeh3..excited glerr taubat eh.nk luoh spo ni?nk oyap spo ni?wahhhhhhh..akhirnye i hade u ollss..hade blog sdn bhd punyer.lu hade??k finee..korang da lame..:(

skrg ni cuti sem.sgt heaven to be home..its like too good to be true.SBB

klas smpy kul 6
lecture yg ntahpape
stay up to do something that i dont like

but yg buat lelehnye.not all my hot chics balik.so xde la best sgt..come to mama bebeh.cptla blik.cptla blik..
nk hangim out sma2.lahap smpy xingt dunia.story mory for sure.can't wait 23/10*timepleasepassbyfaster